who we are

PennImmersive is the University of Pennsylvania's central resource and innovation hub for immersive technologies (AR, VR, 3D technologies, creative tools). We work with faculty, staff, and students across all of Penn's disciplines to facilitate research, teaching & learning, recruiting, networking, entrepreneurship, and social impact through immersive technologies. 

Our mission is provide educational, professional, and communal resources for the Penn ecosystem, including but not limited to:

  1. stimulating interest and awareness in the space
  2. providing resources and education to promote learning and knowledge-sharing
  3. fostering meaningful relationships within and outside the Penn network

We are always looking to enhance member education and knowledge of the space, so if you're an individual or company interesting in hosting a speaking engagement, workshop, or networking event, we would love to talk to you! Contact us.

PennImmersive is led by a Student Advisory Board and the Penn Libraries, and was launched in concert with Penn’s Year of Innovation. To learn more visit the blog by Penn Libraries.



What we offer

PennImmersive offers student members unique opportunity and access to different educational and networking opportunities, as well as a community around the technology. A few of the things happening this year:

  • Access to hardware, software, expertise, and dedicated spaces (see our growing list of resources here)
  • Small group dinners and discussions on immersive technologies
  • Both business and technically focused workshops
  • Fireside chats with industry professionals
  • Treks to conferences or companies
  • Networking opportunities with other interested individuals
  • And more!


Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board aims to bring the value and community of the PennImmersive initiative to the broader student body.

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Tian Pei


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Isabella Tang


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William Yan


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Chloe Snyder

MS Engineering