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Penn XR Day

Saturday April 28, 2018

We are excited to present our 2nd annual industry conference!  Penn XR Day will feature keynotes and panels from leading industry representatives, showcases of the latest technologies, and networking forums to bring together fellow enthusiasts from both business and technical fields.

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AR/VR in entertainment

29 MAR 2018

In a Lunch & Learn session, Daniel Engelhardt (VP of Interactive Ventures and Games, Lionsgate) speaks on his role with VR/AR and adaption of games into film & television at Lionsgate. In the last three years, he has built a slate of over 30 games and gaming collaborations, including leading mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, the integrations of John Wick and Reservoir Dogs into Payday 2, the original VR action game John Wick Chronicles, and the Orange Is the New Black land-based slot machine. Mr. Engelhardt has also been a key driver in positioning Lionsgate as a leader in VR and AR, negotiating several content partnerships with HTC Vive, Oculus, and Starbreeze and IMAX for their location- based VR initiative.

AR / VR 101

22 FeB 2018

A primer on augmented and virtual reality, including technical terms, industry applications and trends, opportunities and challenges, and the latest research findings.

Professor Ethan Mollick of The Wharton School also leads a discussion and demos of various VR experiences. He has done extensive work into the use of AR/VR for learning and games, and how they can be used to motivate performance and to educate.

VR and AI in Sports Business

4 Dec 2017

What do virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and baseball have in common? TrinityVR, a startup that aims to create the next generation of Moneyball, has the answer. Rahat Ahmed (Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer) shares his thoughts on the future of the sports industry, as well as implications of various technologies on the future of sports management.

Pennimmersive tech open house

8 Nov 2017

Exhibits include:

  • New immersive technologies from vendors like Dell and Lenovo
  • Penn students, faculty, and staff from Medicine, Communications, Art, Engineering, and more showing demos of their immersive content and projects
  • Resources available at the Penn Libraries for immersive creators to use


PennImmersive Symposium

17 Oct 2017

Penn faculty and researchers share a wide array of projects and experiences with immersive technologies. Topics covered include Archaeology,  Film, Resuscitation Science, and Education.

The Symposium kicked off with a keynote speech from Tereza Nemessanyi, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Microsoft.

Penn AR/VR Day

14 Apr 2017

A sold-out conference featuring industry representatives from Google Daydream, HTC Vive, and Microsoft HoloLens, as well as local Philadelphia startups Big Bright Monster and Variant VR. The conference consisted of two talks, an industry panel, and demos from attending companies as well as students in Penn’s own virtual reality curriculum.


happy hour

3 APR 2017

A joint initiative with the Mobility Tech Club to bring together students who share interests in both VR/AR and anything related to the future of mobility (autonomous driving, Hyperloop, ride sharing, etc.).