Resources at Penn

(we're hard at work growing this list!)


VR & ar

  • Oculus Rifts
  • HTC Vives
  • Microsoft HoloLenses
  • Mobile VR/AR headsets
  • 4K and 8K 360 degree cameras
  • Rooms dedicated to VR

Vitale Digital Media Lab

  • Mac Pros with 32" 4K monitors. 

  • Adobe, Unity, Unreal Engine

  • Equipment loan (free to Penn community): video cameras, audio recorders, microphones, cables, projectors, adapters, etc. (

  • 4K 360 cameras (Ricoh Theta V and Nikon KeyMission 360)

  • 8K professional 360 camera (Insta360 Pro)

  • Lab staff with expertise in VR production as well as more extensive experience in general video/audio/photo production

Makerbot Replicator.jpg

3D Printing/modeling/scanning



    hechtman recording studio

    • Video camera, lighting, background, teleprompter, audio, and other equipment
    • Equipment assistance and training

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